Ten suites, Ten unique and memorable experiences

Discover the ten prestigious suites located in the completely renovated hamlet. Each suite is unique,
the decor is minimalist mixing old objects from here and elsewhere. The stay is comfortable in a cozy
and luxurious atmosphere. The opportunity for a timeless break in a unique space preserved
from all nuisances.

Our Suites are equipped with:
Comfortable 180 cm bed – Small kitchen – Air conditioning – Wifi connection


Choose a Remarkable Suite… Space, comfort and views are at their peak.
Le Ralenti du Lierre’ suite; a loft with a rising sun panorama. ‘Le Hussard sur le Toit’ suite;
a cozy atmosphere under the roofs with its 360° terrace. ‘Le Champs du Monde’ suite; a large space
with a bi-centenary parquet floor and a breathtaking view. La Rondeur des Jours’ suite; where all the best refinements of the hamlet meet…


All remarkable suites are equipped with an individual audio speaker
system from Marshall.


Opt for a Singular Suite… Dreams, a touch of originality, great comfort.
La Treille Muscade’ suite and its stairway to paradise. ‘Le Bastidon’ suite;
a little apart with some views on all the domain.

Le Trestoulas’ suite with its bathroom opening to the well. ‘Le Rameau de la Nuit’ suite,
spacious under the roof, with its bedroom apart.



Intimate suites offer a unique cocooning experience.
La Pitchoun’ suite; living room and bedroom are one under the roof with its lovely view of the basin.

L’eau Vive’ suite lives in the 1720 part of the hamlet, ‘L’âme des Anciens’ suite is not very far away…